Columbia Extreme - Profiled

We are proud of our crew, here's a closer look at who we are.

Operational Staff

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Mark Teasdale

Owner/Supervisor/Certified Faller/Certified Falling Supervisor

As founder of Columbia Extreme, Mark brings over 20 years of silviculture experience to the Company. His focus and drive are evident not only in the field and operationally, but also provide CE with its strategic direction
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Greg Spence RFT

Supervisor/Assessor/Certified Faller/Certified Falling Supervisor

Greg began in the forest industry in 1993. His background covers many years of layout and development. Since beginning with us in early 2007, Greg has become a Certified Falling Supervisor and completed his RFT designation.


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Richard Michaud

Foreman/Assessor/Certified Faller/Certified Falling Supervisor

Over 20 years planting experience. His many years of work for PRT in all areas of nursery created the expertise we demand of our own green house project in Parson, BC.


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Jenny Laporte

BCFS Accredited Silviculture Surveyor

Jenny started out as a tree planter in 2004. Since joining us in 2006, she has become an accredited surveyor and is conversant in Plant Wizard and Survey Wizard and is a key member of our pine beetle surveying team. Jenny still plants trees from time to time and is an excellent fire fighter.


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Mathieu Robidas

Planting Foreman/Supervisor/Certified Faller

Mathieu started planting in 2001. He worked for PRT for many years managing crews and very large planting camps. Since starting with us in 2006, Mathieu has become a certified faller.


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Benoit Labrosse

Fire Boss/Assessor/Certified Faller/Certified Falling Supervisor

Ben’s forestry background began in Silviculture in 1998. Now a certified faller and S-100 instructor, Ben is a key manager in our Protections Program.


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Alex Brisson

Crew Boss/Certified Faller/Certified Falling Supervisor

Alex has been in the forest industry since 2001. Starting out planting, Alex joined us in 2006 and is now a Certified Falling Supervisor.


Administrative Staff

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Helene Chevalier

Office Manager

Helene is our newest recruit, using her accounting background to ensure the administration of our business runs smoothly.


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Christina Spence

Health & Safety / Office Assistant / Forestry Technician

Christina has 6 years of technical field experience. Her training and forestry background are valuable both in the field and the office.


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Chris Teasdale

Internal Auditor (Safety and Equipment)

Chris fills the new position of Internal Auditor, working to ensure CEC maintains good standing with the BC Forest Safety Council's Safe Certification program.







Thank you to our employees from the 2011 season:

Alex Brisson Christoph Lotter JF Jacques Maxime Peloquin
Annie Rivest Clare Joiner Jenny Laporte Melanie Ledoux
Anthony Pinksen Crystal Inyallie Jesse Amies Melissa Turcotte
Audrey Perreault Derrick Nickle Jessica Audy-Trottier Michel Guimond
Becky Pilon Elie Gagne Jordan Hood Mike Taylor
Benoit Labrosse Elizabeth Bertrand Josiane Methot Pierre Benoit Chalifoux
BJ Cummings Francois Lefebvre Julien Perreault Richard Michaud
Carl Laramee Frederic Lachapelle Kyle Petersmeyer Sebastien Bertrand
Chad Parent George Lebassis Marcie Taylor Shawn Snyder
Charles Villeneuve Greg Spence Marie-Pier Villeneuve Skye Hall
Chasen Gillies Guillaume Villeneve Mathieu Brochu Traci Schuck
Chris Ford Hal Setzer Mathieu Lesperance Yannick Bouchard
Chris Teasdale Helene Chevalier Mathieu Robidas  
Christina Spence Jamison Lybec Maureen Teasdale